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Tubing Assemblies

Tubing assemblies: New England Small Tube Corporation is a leader in small diameter fabricated tubing assemblies. Our assembly capabilities include and involve cutting, machining, drilling, bending, swaging, flaring, bulging, beading, brazing, flattening, coiling, laser welding and many finishing options.

New England Small Tube Corporation manufactures and assembles finished tubing assemblies using state of the art manufacturing methods and experienced craftsmen.

Original equipment manufacturers have depended upon New England Small Tube Corporation for over twenty five years to provide quality assembled products, some of which include: dispensing manifolds, connectors, preheater tube assemblies, reducers, fiber optic guides, cannulas, sampling probes, piercing probes, coaxial probes, tri-axial probes and many different tubing assemblies.

We will manufacture and assemble your special tubing assembles to your requirements and specifications.

Our nickel and silver brazing assembly expertise is second to none. We also offer induction welding and furnace welding, adhesive assemblies and compression assemblies (press fits). We work closely with many outside companies to provide tubing assembled with plastic, acrylic or other molding materials.

Our in-house machine shop, which uses state of the art CNC machines, provides precision parts that enable New England Small Tube Corporation to create a perfect fit between the tube and mating machined parts of any assembly.

Let New England Small Tube Corporation take the worry out of your assembly needs.

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Sample Micro Tubes

If you need a high quality tube or tubular part, and you need it on-time and produced correctly the first time, then call New England Small Tube!


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