Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing Fabricator


Electropolishing is used not only to polish stainless steel but also to deburr, clean and passivate. It can be used as a way of polishing more complex parts with areas that are typically harder to process using different methods.

Electropolishing is commonly done by submerging the parts in a bath and allowing the fluid to flow inside and outside of the part to dissolve any imperfections, creating a smooth, uniform surface. This also allows for more parts to be processed at the same time, which can lead to shorter turnaround times for prototyping and production quantities.

Parts that are electropolished generally have a brighter, shinier appearance than other parts that use different polishing methods. For an improved surface finish only on the outer diameter of a part, buffing can often achieve similar results and could be more cost-effective for prototyping.

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