Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing Fabricator

Laser Welding and Marking

High quality and repeatable laser welding, laser marking and laser drilling is readily available at New England Small Tube Corporation.

Laser welding is a strong, fast, accurate and clean way to join your assemblies without the use of filler materials, that may contaminate or change your parts. The cleaner processing means less procedures need to be completed after the weld, resulting in a faster turnaround time for prototypes and productions quantities. Part specific tooling allows for welding processes to be adapted to your application with very few limitations, giving the welder the ability to join a greater diversity of shapes and sizes.

NEST’s welding processes assure the smoothest and cleanest weld possible every time, helping to achieve the best performance of the full assembly.

Laser drilling can provide burr-free tight tolerance holes in several different shapes and sizes. The ability to program different dimensions, allows laser drilling to be an incredibly versatile way to create “thru-holes” and other “cut” features on your part.

If your part needs to be permanently marked with a part number, serial number, or company logo etc., laser marking and can accomplish this without discoloration, oxidation or deforming of the part.

Building a probe? Head over to our Sample & Reagent Probes page for ideas and info on designing and building your entire assembly.

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